Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I must control myself

I sometimes have occassional phases where I get addicted to spending my 'pocket money' on various Ebay items. My latest is 3 little tin Easter Eggs. They have seen better days, but I think this adds to the charm of them. The photo unfortunately doesn't do them justice. In these credit crunch times, I feel I can justify my purchases as they cost very little, and I look forward to the postman arriving with my goodies.

I'm supposed to be thinking about cars at the moment as we need to replace mine but I get bored after a while and go off the subject. Hubby and 9 yr old Toby think it's exciting but cars don't inspire me too much. On the flip side however, I do enjoy driving a nice car and I'm perhaps a bit more switched on about cars than most, but in true female style, colour does matter. I never thought I'd say it but it does. That's all I'm going to say on the car subject!

Back to work now. I'll make the most of today as after school I've got to sit through an hour's worth of Jack playing football, then it's all the usual stuff - tea, reading, spellings, trumpet practice, blah blah blah and the odd sibling argument thrown in for good measure.



Michelle said...

Gorgeous little eggs! It feels like spring is really on the way!!

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

I love these eggs.... Easter will be here before we know it, shocking! Sarah

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Sarah

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment :) Just had a good nose on your website, you have some great things! Love the dressed up dolly pegs you blogged about too :)

Mel xxx